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Resource Center of The Duke University Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center                    

A variety of educational methods and formats are used here at the duke sickle cell center. The education program offers workshops, training programs, lectures, discussion groups, and information booths at health fairs. The Center staff will also visit classrooms, health care facilities, industries, places of worship, and homes on request. The Center also serves as a resource for written information on sickle cell disease and encourages requests for presentations or assistance in planning and carrying out educational programs.

Elaine Whitworth, MPA, MSW                  

directs the resource center at Duke Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center. For more information on the resources available at Duke for patients, teachers, families and health care providers, please contact Elaine at (919) 684-6464 or e-mail her at: whitw002@mc.duke.edu





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